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2020:05 :: New

a New Brown Project.

I just realized nearly every single entry here has been about finishing projects. (Note: that is finish, not start another one.) But it is just a tiny little thing: needles and yarn were sitting right there…points to table beside sofa. Tempting me, I say. Oh, just yell squirrel and be done with it!

Anyway, the whole finishing business has been weighing me down for decades. Quick to start and slow to finish. Easily distracted and prone to crashing. Curse you, depression!! My meds seem to be balanced and working on my side. I feel for the first time in forever, life has a handle and I am holding it. Best of all, I have come to a point where I refuse to listen for that other shoe to drop. Which means… I deserve to start a cute little knitting project. Just a teeny little one?

Gina Michele has shared a knitting pattern for an Easy Plush Cat. Words have no…words, letters? to describe the cuteness of her orange garter stitch, stand in your palm, cat.

If a store was closer than 450km, I would have dashed out and purchased enough orange yarn to knit a multitude of sweet little plushes. Now I am unsure if being good was … good. Hold up! If you stumble across orange yarn in your stash, an orange cat is in your future. Brown, brown yarn calling to you remember? Crisis of Must Order Yarn … averted.

I best be off. My big project for today is canary cages to clean. I know, there is way more needing to be addressed, but keeping the focus on one thing, keeps me from being overwhelmed.

wishing you sunshine and warmth and strong coffee.

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