moon, blue sky, black sillouete tree and dogs

2020.08 :: Special

A Special Painting from my Special Girl.

Last year was a hard year for us. We suddenly lost two of our dogs: Zahn von Zwolf and Busy, aka Warok. It happened so suddenly, and you are never prepared for it. And no, it never gets any easier.

This Christmas Kya presented me with this painting. I cried. It truly is a special painting from a special girl.

Busy (long-haired miniature dachshund) was protective of Zahn, a full sized mature Rottie, if you can imagine that. The best example of this came to light when I would brush Zahn with the vacuum. He actually liked getting his loose hair vacuumed out. (There is a special brush for that!) He would stand and let me brush until I had thoroughly covered the thick parts of his coat. Now you have to know Busy was terrified of the vacuum, even our built in. He was horrified the first time he saw me pull out the vacuum and ‘attack’ his buddy. This little guy planted himself between Zahn and the weapon of mass evil, and she who wielded it. I was awed by his bravery and devotion. Eventually he became used to the routine, but the minute Zahn signalled enough, Busy was right there between the Rottie and me.

moon, blue sky, black sillouete tree and dogs

I love my painting, Special Girl!
love, Grummy

give your critters an extra hug today, and remind yourself how special they are, even at their most annoying. 😉

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