4 tiers canary cages; Built designed by Steve

2020.06 :: Cages

Stephen Designed & Built.

Since I mentioned cleaning canary cages yesterday (which I didn’t…) I thought I would share pictures of the rack of cages my Sweetie designed and built.

1 level of the custom canary cages
the Perfect canary cage

Everything you see here was created by Steve to fit into commercial shelving we purchased Down Below. He even learned to powder coat the cage fronts with copper and black. The trays which extend out four inches in front of the wire fronts (copper and black!) have cut down the amount of caff and bedding debris ending up in the floor. The acrylic hanging feeders where also created by my Sweetie. These really help to keep the seed clean and waste at a minimum. The green bottle waterers have curved acrylic tubing for the drip tube; a plus for keeping detritus out of their drinking water. Can you tell I am extremely proud of my husband? 🙂 Oh, the little red cups are plastic lids with copper wire holders.

In all the years with canaries they have amazed me with their personalities. Morgan la Fey: resident escape artiste. Shriek: a lovely little male, gorgeous song ending with — Shriek! Shriek! Shriek! Chipper: singing long after lights out. Hopper: hopping up and down (4 inches) on his perch singing away. Tenor: separating the oats out of his feeder and putting the grain into a spare cup. Sonny: filling the four inch debris tray with the largest pieces of bedding, sticks, etc. Peeping Tom: this pour soul was enamoured by a yellow female in another cage. He was forever craning his neck and hanging upside down to see into her cage. This lists just a few I can remember; they are amazing little birds.

I can’t wait to set these cages up for breeding season. But before that happens I really need to clean things up for this. I have to share my secret weapon in the cage cleaning/sterilizing war: a laundry steamer. It is the only thing which seems to soften up droppings for removal. It is just a cheap little steamer, but it has made cage cleaning so much easier.

So this time I’m really out of here to clean.

wishing your imagination beautiful flights of fancy.

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