little brown knit horse (garter stitch)

2020.02 :: Dream

of a horse, a Little Brown Horse.

Over the years I have collected materials to create some special idea: yarn, fabric, all manner of crafty things, paint, threads, candy for the Gingerbread House I was determined to make … who knows how long ago that bag was stashed.

One part of my gigantic storage space, (thank-you sweetie) holds the results of shopping trips south. When you have no local fabric or craft stores, you make lists of what you most want to make, and wait until the next trip Down Below. Then you exhaust yourself looking for esoteric items whilst frantically trying to remember what supplies are waiting back home. Once you finally arrive in the Room of Creativeness, the same desperation applies… why did I purchase this, or this, and that. Into a box, lost, forgotten adding to the pressure on my soul.

Another sort of heavy over my head, residing in tall towers (thank-you sweetie), are projects started and abandoned. When I looked through the tubs, I found them to be of two sorts. The first: neatly stowed projects in need of an item or ten to complete. I have nary a clue if the missing articles are safely stowed…. somewhere…. The second: the tubs of shame. I am fairly talented and able to follow a pattern… but always — always I see something to improve or make it more personal. Plan carried out until I haven’t a clue how to execute said plan. Thump, into a tub. And, no surprise here, I start something else.

This January I pulled out a long abandoned knitting project for a garter stitch horse toy. The two halves were knit and, wham. Do you sew it up with two legs or four? Into a tub for a century or two. But, progress: pieces sewed together (four legs) and mane/tail attached. But there is way more mane than tail…. I have no more straight yarn for more tail.

2 balls recycled brown yarn
crinkled yarn

(Waiting for the thwamp of horse and yarn ending up in a tub….)



But it isn’t happening, not this time! I am going to add some yarn that isn’t quite as kinked as shown. I am going to finish this horse. Now!

Bye for now,
[very determined to finish this ancient project]

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