finished brown knit horse with a spider plant

2020.04 :: Hug

Ready to Cuddle & Hug.

Can I step back from the imperfections of my little brown horse? Can I see past the: I should have used smaller needles, so the stuffing does not show between the stitches… Wait, this is my only, shoulda? Wow, things are getting better! (I’m discounting the wonky legs…)(and the ragged mane and tail — stop that!)

The pattern called for size 6mm needles. I think the horse would have looked better with a tighter knit fabric, but it is ready for a child to love!

brown knit horse and spider plant
just a wee bite and I’m off.

I dreamt one night of a little girl outside of the drug store with my little horse under her arm. I hope she finds my special horse.

offering a hug if you need one.

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