bold Rottweiler paint-by-number

2020.03 :: Portal

in an Upstairs Door.

At least that is what the dachshunds thought, as they thundered up the stairs… barking, of course. What did they see? More than a painted canvas, obviously. I must admit it looks pretty good from the far end of a tunnel. But I never imagined the dogs would need to be held up and allowed to sniff a paint by number; it’s just a paint by number, guys! INTRUDER ALERT!!!

portal at the top of the stairs
mysterious Rottweiler

Forgive me whilst I sit here, to reflect on the situation…a paint by number… that’s my dogs!

This fall I ordered the Rottweiler painting kit. At the time I was struck by how the original artist had capture the spirit of the breed. I even stepped back from completing the transaction for a couple of weeks. But, in the end, the fact was, I miss my Rotties so much. This painting looked like it was up to the task of looking after, even me.

So one morning I did it, the money was gone, order was complete. Then the rapid fire over-whelming doubts assailed me! Madly swirling around my brain for eternity:

  1. it would be lost in the mail.
  2. it would not resemble a Rottweiler, even remotely.
  3. there would not be enough paint to finish the project.
  4. and most assuredly — I would never, ever finish the painting.

I can report anxiety did not send me into a downward spiral. (See, miracles are alive and happening!)
a: The kit arrived – from China.
b: It does indeed resemble a Rottweiler.
c: Not so good on the amount of paint – such tiny, tiny cups (it turns out there was insufficient of #7 black/brown, but I was able to mix a close approximation from left over paint.) near crash here!
d: I didn’t throw in in a box or the garbage when I made a multitude of mistakes. **
e: I finished it!

If it had not been for the running out of one colour and the shaking of my hands it would have been a relaxing experience. Pre-meds and arthritis I would use my left for fine detail and my right for larger areas: one paint brush in each hand painting as needed. It was very strange using only my right!

I made this project was my line in the sand. It. Will. Be. Finished. I declared to three disinterested dachsies. It will be the first of many finishes. I vowed my intent to move onto the next available unfinished project as soon as the painting was painted (not perfect, not abandon, but finished). Here to day, tomorrow The Dread Box Room!

wondering if she ever finished those childhood paint-by-number pictures. They would have been horses, no doubt about it!

** I kept telling myself… It’s just a paint-by-number. It’s just a paint-by-number…

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