Hi, there. Welcome to winter in the north!

one winter lady, one rottweiler, 4 miniature dachshunds
Winter Lady and side-kicks


Well, November in the north, actually. With way less snow than we normally have at this time of year.  One hand gives you no shovelling, not to mention trying to find a truck in a snowbank on a cold dark morning. The other hand gives you build up of ice, which sends the unwary skidding and sliding. I am so torn, which one to prefer, snow piled high or sliding down the lane upside down and backwards.

Right the About page:

I am a sixty-one year old lady married to my best friend for forty-two years now.  My Sweetie is retiring at the end of the year. Finally! He has spent so many years working away from home first on the oil rigs and then at a gas processing plant. We haven’t any grand plans, just enjoying each others company and working on all the things we love to do.

We have two boys. Elder and his wife live 600km down below.  They have two children. Youngest lives 1700km at the opposite end of the province.

Short succinct points about me:

  • At one point a hairdresser labelled my hair as dirty ash brown… thrilled I was, simply thrilled. On an interesting note, I have always had a lock of white hair over my right ear.
  • My colours are brown, gold, orange, and deep red; you can easily lose me in the autumn woods.
  • My height is 5 feet and I am an extremely casual dresser. I hate shopping for clothes.
  • I have hazel eyes which reflect my moods (if you can see my eyes behind my glasses!) Ever notice how many heroines do not have hazel eyes.  Wait that didn’t home out right. Have you ever noticed how few heroines have hazel coloured eyes? Or are really short!
  • Arthritis has severely curtailed what I can do with my hands.

My interests are probably more numerous that’s wise to contemplate:

  • Chocolate & Coffee.
  • Coffee & Chocolate.
  • Baking and cooking and trying new recipes.
  • I love photography, but I’m not sure it loves me.
  • For ten years I have maintained my computer with Debian Linux.
  • I love all things fibre related: sewing, knitting, crochet, the odd craft, embroidery, fabric printing.

The living surrounding us:

  • Canaries, three American Singers and seven Red Factor.
  • Pond & aquarium fish,  220 gallon with goldfish and koi; 37 gallons with guppies, peppered cories, and an albino bristle nose plecostomas.
  • Black and Tan canines, one long-suffering Rottie, and four long-haired miniature dachshunds.
  • In the garden the strawberries keep us well fed. The raspberries are orange; the are the sweetest berries.  We have greenhouse plans …. oh, aquaponics, that looks interesting!

Great to have you check out who I am! I would love to hear from you!


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